Move Through Everything

Movement Membership

With Jessie Rothman-Church
Golden ocean like swirl
Move through Everything in gold cursive

The Move Through Everything (MTE) Movement Membership will awaken a secret asset within you that has been waiting to be discovered since your birth. This resource is the wisdom of your Soul, and through guided, gentle movement, I will help you receive this wisdom through your body in a way that is so much juicier than the processes of your logical mind.

Using the elements of music, movement and breath, you can move from a place of confusion to renewed sense of confidence about your future.

Membership includes:

  • Exclusive entry to the “Move Through Everything” online community
  • Immediate access to a library of 10+ movement classes
  • Participation in new live classes via Zoom twice per month
  • Anytime pass to recorded class library

View samples classes and their playlists here

Monthly Membership


  • Pause or cancel anytime 

*Please note: Highly recommended is a subscription to Spotify Premium to receive the most benefit from the movement classes.