"This beautiful Soul Contract Reading offers so much depth and clarity around you who are and why you're here. For me it was a remembering and an opportunity to be seen. I was struggling to believe that I had a role to play in guiding healing for others. I struggled with revealing the amount of power I carry and can channel. At the time, I often felt lonely because I felt so different to others. I felt as though I finally had permission to move forward with my soul work!”


"Jessie’s approach is compassionate, thoughtful and patient. I felt the sense that she brings with her an array of spiritual guides who help inform her work and insights. I learned that I have more potential and more spiritual support than I could have imagined!"


"Working with Jessie gave me the courage to finally leave a toxic relationship. I knew deep down that I had to make a change, but I was filled with fear every time I tried. Jessie helped me to see what I couldn’t, and to connect with the inner strength that I felt I had lost. I feel so much more clear and confident these days. I am forever grateful for her support.”


"The thing that I liked about (the Soul Contract Reading) is that it strengthened my relationship to my personal power. Sometimes people want to call me a bitch when I’m just being honest. It reinforced the fact that I have to say, I am who I am and I'm gonna be kind AND truthful, and I'm not available to be smashed, I’m just not.” 


"I had the most amazing Soul Contract Reading last week with my soul sister Jessie. Having been an Akashic Records reader for nearly 10 years, I have high standards. Her readings are lovingly given, and a beautiful way for you to look at your life contracts from a higher perspective—which can help you gain greater clarity around past and current struggles, and understand your desires and dreams more deeply. If you’re looking for some soul level guidance in our ever-changing times, schedule with her today!"


"Working with Jessie and my Soul Contract I had a very positive reaffirming experience that I'm on the right track with my life. So many parts were accurate and it also left me having more room for compassion for my own self and my process and parts of my past that I am ashamed of. It helped me also believe in my talents and God-given skills that I came to this Earth with and that in turn made me believe in my aspirations for the future. Jessie was very generous with her energy and time and I'm very glad I decided to give this a go. If you want to look deeper into why you are here on Earth, and discover a bit more about your true self, then I would definitely recommend a reading with Jessie!"


"This technique is so much more solid than other types of readings I’ve had in the past. Jessie has a clear and concise ability to explain the process and the results. There is such a kindness and even gentleness in her energy that made me feel very comfortable and cared for during the whole reading. It was truly an amazing and life-changing experience! I had some major AH-HAs during and after my reading related to why I'm naturally good at certain things, and why I am drawn to particular activities and subjects. Having this session gave me a sort of blueprint, which illustrated my gifts and strengths. The reading gave me proof that I came into this lifetime to experience certain things, learn specific things, and to use those gifts and abilities that I was born with. Since my session with Jessie, I’ve started to recreate my life and I have a new idea of what I want my future to look like - all while embodying a new sense of confidence in my purpose here on planet earth. I highly, highly recommend this wondrous woman and her Soul Contract readings to EVERYONE!"

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