From powerful Soul Contract Readings to Shamanic Healing to my  Life Coaching Sessions with The Energy Codes®, there are a few ways to do some serious soul work. You can learn about my offerings by reading the descriptions below. 

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"Jessie has a clear and concise ability to explain the process and the results. There is such a kindness and even gentleness in her energy that made me feel very comfortable and cared for during the whole reading. It was truly an amazing and life changing experience!"

- Lisa

Soul Contract Reading

The intention of a Soul Contract Reading is to allow us to see our lives from a higher perspective. In doing so, life experiences can be viewed through a new, more compassionate lens. Clarity is achieved around past and current struggles, and desires are more deeply understood and honored. The experience is one of healing, and can act as catalyst for growth and movement toward a more joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life.

What to expect from a session...

The Soul Contract Reading itself is an in-depth look at the intentions your Soul put into place upon entering your current lifetime. It is based on the premise that your Soul, or higher self, chose your name (not your parents!), and that the sound vibrations of your name hold the vibrations of the energies set in motion for you upon your birth.

By converting your name to the sacred language of Hebrew and its corresponding numerology, I am able to create your personal chart, referred to as your Soul Contract. 

​A Soul Contract Reading is a 1-hour long private session, which will give you your personal Soul Contract Chart. 

After I prepare your chart, I spend some time in meditation and note-taking for the delivery of your final reading. The actual reading is then shared via a private conversation, which can take place in person or via Zoom call.  

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Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanic practices have been in existence for over 40,000 years and are one of the oldest known paths to healing. As a practitioner I act as an intermediary between ordinary reality and the spirit world on behalf of a client in order to restore lost power, create balance, aid in problem solving and facilitate healing. 

What to expect from a session...​

First, we will spend a few minutes talking about what it is you would like to address during the session. This could be something very specific, or a more general theme. From that conversation, we will set an intention for the healing session. If you’re booking a session more out of curiosity for what it might reveal, we can set that as the intention as well.
Next, I will connect with the guidance of helping spirits, via a short shamanic journey. I may enter into the journey state of mind using the sound of a rattle or a drum. Your task during this time is simply to remain relaxed and open.
Once finished, I'll share the guidance I received concerning next steps for the most beneficial outcome of the session. This will likely include instructions for a shamanic journey that I will perform on your behalf, or a journey that will guide you through, or a combination of the two. The bulk of the healing work will occur within the journey space.  
Lastly, I'll share about my journey experience and the guidance I received for you. The session will conclude with a short grounding and gratitude practice.
A single session may involve one of the following and we'll determine what's right for you.


Physical or emotional discomfort can be caused by "stuck" energy in your body or energetic field. Extraction allows your energy flow to be returned back to balance, improving your overall well-being.


Most of us walk through life somewhat constrained by the energetic cords we unknowingly extend out or accept in.  Severing these cords provides for healthier, more comfortable relationships with our past and present loves.


Shamans believe that when we experience trauma, a part of our Soul leaves our body, taking refuge in another place or time.  In a Soul Retrieval, these parts are found and returned to you, along with the gifts they held in safety, to be revealed to you in this exact moment.



Everyone has at least one Power Animal available to them for support and guidance at all times. Each has special qualities to assist you, and a conscious reunion with yours can be one of the most precious, uplifting experiences.


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The Energy Codes® Life Coaching

Are you frustrated with all the self-work you’ve done with little to show for it? Have you tried to embrace the “Law of Attraction” or other manifesting methods, only to find yourself feeling stuck, depressed or angry?

I get it. I’ve been there. Rest assured it was a necessary step to your next awakening.  Congratulations, you got through it!  You learned some really important concepts, and now you are asking for the Deeper Truths that will truly set you free.

Based on the work of Dr. Sue Morter, and her book The Energy Codes®, I will guide you to rediscover your true power and purpose -- so you can create the future you desire.

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