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For the majority of us humans, at some point in our lives, the questions “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” come to the forefront of our experience. I am here to help you answer these questions for yourself, and more. In the offerings below, I share the most enlightening insights I have discovered on my journey to the inner peace and fulfillment I now enjoy, even in the midst of life's ongoing challenges. 

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Through a combination of independent study and live coaching, deepen your understanding of your purpose, and find answers to your longings for something more.


This online experience begins with a personal 1:1 Soul Contract Reading, based on the numerology of your birth name. Next, over the course of 3 months, receive personal support to make peace with your Karma, celebrate your Talents, and embody your Destiny. Gain new insights and magical tools to uplevel your reality from the inside out. Reclaim your power to create a life you love.




Bring all of your good personal work home for integration through body led, nourishing movement. 'Move Through Everything' is my answer to how we make "shoulds" and "have-tos" into natural byproducts of our healed inner beings. With curated playlists invoking various emotions, allow the wisdom of your body to lead you in the most gentle and effective way to embrace your past and clear the way for love and abundance to flow. OPEN NOW!


"Jessie has a clear and concise ability to explain the process and the results. There is such a kindness and even gentleness in her energy that made me feel very comfortable and cared for during the whole session. It was truly an amazing and life changing experience!"

- Lisa

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