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Your life matters. More joy, more fun, and a greater sense of inner peace are waiting for you.


Are you frustrated with all the self-work you’ve done with little to show for it? Have you tried to embrace the “Law of Attraction” or other manifesting methods, only to find yourself feeling stuck, depressed or angry?

I get it. I’ve been there. Rest assured it was a necessary step to your next awakening.  Congratulations, you got through it!  You learned some really important concepts, and now you are asking for the Deeper Truths that will truly set you free.

Based on the work of Dr. Sue Morter, and her book The Energy Codes®, I will guide you to rediscover your true power and purpose -- so you can create the future you desire.


Feel out of control and have trouble asking for what you need? 

Gain clarity on what would truly feed your Soul in this lifetime.  Learn how to take control and become the director of your life again. Start to live a purpose-driven life.

Are you constantly questioning yourself, unable to make decisions?

Transform your feelings of disappointment, guilt and shame into catalysts for your highest evolution in this lifetime. Learn to see yourself as the light that you are.  Live confidently in your truth, knowing the goodness of who you are. 

Always worried about the future or dwelling in the past?

Cultivate a sense of inner peace and the skills to maintain it even in the midst of challenges. Get to know the resources and support available to you at all times.   Experience the magic of connecting with compassionate beings in the spirit realms.

“I decided to begin coaching with Jessie because I felt stuck and burned out. I felt like I was busy all the time, but never able to get everything done - always running behind. Over the course of 6 sessions, Jessie helped me understand the cyclicity of energy and how to work with, and appreciate, 'the void' as preparation for future cycles of creation, sustaining and destruction. She guided me in identifying what I was holding on to that was keeping me from moving forward, and helped me gently release through movement, rituals, and reintegrating my soulful self with my mental and physical self. I am a hyper-rational, left-brained sort of person, so I was skeptical at first... But if something works, and it TOTALLY WORKS, I'll take it! Sessions with Jessie absolutely helped me transform from being stuck to being in a place where abundance flows to me and through me. I can't thank her enough, and I would recommend her unreservedly if you're in a rut, or ready to uplevel your existence.”

-Dr. Claudia
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You will find clarity and inner knowing as we explore your life -past, present and future - using the principals of The Energy Codes.  Your perception of who you are and what life is all about will be transformed into an entire different reality.  We call this the “Quantum Flip”... You'll go from being a reactor or responder to your life circumstances, to remembering the truth of who you are, which is a multidimensional being with the power to create your future, and even re-create your past.

(Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s totally doable. I’ll show you how.)

"I’ve been working with Jessie for the past 5 years now. She is extremely intuitive and also down to earth. She always gets where I’m coming from and I rarely need to explain myself. She gives sound, practical advice and healing work that keeps me coming back for more. If you’re looking for a coach/healer to really help you create change in your life, Jessie is the one for you!"

- Cypress


What To Expect

The Foundation

Not too long ago, on my growth journey, I thought if I could just find a personal cheerleader, or even a tough-love mentor to “crack the whip" on me, I could achieve my dreams in no time. If someone could just “make me” define my goals and take action, I’d get there. Over many years, I hired coaches, joined masterminds, and enrolled in online programs... Each time, hoping THIS ONE would finally do the job. I learned the hard way. A lesson that we must all accept is that the only person who can “make you” do anything you dream about, is yourself.

Total Alignment

In our coaching sessions, I am not going to tell you what to do.  Instead, I am going to help you find what aligns for you and, in real time, walk you through the practices that will bring those solutions to life. I will lay out what has worked for hundreds of people, in hundreds of different circumstances, over decades. The Energy Codes is a body of work that has been in existence for over 30 years, helping people to live better lives, improve physical and emotional health, as well as enhance relationships and financial well-being. You will get to know your life purpose, and feel like you're following your true path.

The Results

To see results in the shortest amount of time, with the greatest efficiency, we move beyond the logical thinking mind, and tap into the deeper Soul Wisdom that is available once you learn the methods to activate it.  Instead of trying to “figure things out” with our mental powers, we follow a key teaching of The Energy Codes: “The Soul speaks to the body and the body speaks to the mind.” 

In each session, our intention is to go straight to the Source of your most helpful guidance, your Soul. We do this by tapping into the wisdom of the body and the breath, moving beyond the 3rd dimension of our mental programs, and into the realm where miracles happen.

"You never know what might happen when trying something new, but Jessie made me feel so comfortable that it was easy to say yes! She introduced me to ways of thinking I had never considered before, and to some simple practices that really helped me get unstuck. My life feels so much different, and better, since I met Jessie. I'm so glad I did!”

- Connie

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