As a heart-centered seeker of meaning and joy, I work with those who are ready to look within for that missing “something” in their lives. 

Focused on supporting seekers regain a sense of purpose, I help my clients transcend the doubt that life can’t be bigger, brighter and more fulfilling.

Through a combination of numerology and shamanic healing, I hold space for transformations past fear and into clarity, allowing others to see the silver lining in all the challenges they've experienced.  

The result is a brand new consciousness. A life that is directed by joyful energy, awareness and unequivocal inner peace.

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Not too long ago, I was in a state of depression and anxiety about what my future held.  But then I found a tool that helped me see things from a new perspective, and a beautiful healing journey began.  I am now on a mission to help others find what ignites that spark within...The light that will lead to a life beyond their wildest dreams!

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An immersive online course, beginning with a personal Soul Contract Reading, guiding you from uncertainty to confidence and clarity about your future.



With curated playlists invoking various emotions, allow the wisdom of your body to lead you to embrace your past and clear the way for healing, love and abundance to flow.


"Since my session with Jessie, I’ve started to recreate my life and I have a new idea of what I want my future to look like - all  while embodying a new sense of confidence in my purpose here on planet earth. I highly, highly recommend this wondrous woman and her Soul Contract readings to EVERYONE!"

-Lisa, Texas

How I Found Control

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My Life Journey

What's Directing Your Life?

Do you wish you had a greater sense of purpose and validation for your struggles?

Rest assured, there is more to be discovered about how life can feel better than this, and connecting with the deeper wisdom of your Soul is the first step to get you there.

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